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© Copyright Miguel Coimbra illustrator and concept artist

Making Of

Making Of

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How the Duel cover was created

Creating the duel cover was no easy feat. The first 7 Wonders having turned out well, it was necessary to create a very impactful cover, different from the multiplayer game which encompasses all the concepts of the game.

7 wonders duel, 2015, published by Rprod

Authors: Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala

7 Wonders Duel is the two-player version of 7 wonders, a draft game where you each develop your civilization, army and scientific business development.

First sketches .Not too bad , but it was a bit of an already seen.

So ! like all good ideas, they arise in the shower. I thought about it while remembering the westerns movies of my childhood .What's better to symbolize a duel than two characters back to back ready to draw. The proposal was unanimously supported by authors and publishers.
We had our cover!

The editor then proposed a confrontation scene. This was not ultimately chosen because 7wonders is not really a game that is all about the military aspect.

Once the rough composition is validated, I refine the shapes a bit  and then start some color tests . I wanted a color that was both reminiscent of the first 7Wonders  and also a warm range that would appeal to the shelves. The sunset in the background has also become one of my art signatures.

In these latest versions, the final cover becomes clearer, on one side the scientific universe, on the other the military one : basically two different civilizations. However, there is no notion of confrontation. Its reminds  a diplomatic meeting.

A few...I mean .. many brushstrokes later, the finished version.

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